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Montchâlons TV aims to offer you a different perspective on the world.
Do you know that it is the understanding that animates me, that gives me to see my environment?

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A Cuckoo De Montchâlons ...

Yes! All the joy is to make available the treasures we receive from the Creator.


From the sky

Montchâlons is a small village in northern France. The village is situated in the Aisne department in Picardy. The town of Montchâlons is located in the township of Laon-Sud part of the district of Laon.

Moments of exchanges

An overview of our various gatherings to build on what helps us every day.

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Each member of our team is dedicated to offer the best advice that can help you in everyday life.

Luc Bimaye

Isaac Pepin

Armand Djomo

Emmanuel Bitier

Emmanuel Bitier

Marie Noelle Bimaye

Léokady Bimaye


Sandrine Pepin

Angeline Landerneau

Angeline Landerneau

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