moral order

Moral Order: An Instrument of governance

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In this article, we will look at the notion of perfection coming from the society and the one the True Man has, representing the creative consciousness. What is perfection? Is it accessible? In society, when we talk about perfection, depending on whether we find 2 individuals, who use the same term, they may not talk about the same […]


Get out of Sleep, You who are asleep!

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1. Sleep The Larousse dictionary defines sleep as a « physiological state of the body during which vigilance is suspended and responsiveness to stimulation is diminished. We can distinguish a phase of slow, deep or paradoxical sleep characterized by dreaming ». Sleep is also a state of temporary inactivity or reduce activity. It is synonymous with drowsiness […]


Respecting Authority Or Being Subordinated

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What defines authority for a child is his ability to delimit the boundaries between himself and parents. In the popular class, most children are raised by unconscious parents, ignorant of their state as universal consciousness ; therefore, also they are unaware of the real significance of education on child’s development and his integration into the society. […]


The Talent and the Opportunism

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What is Talent or a talented individual? Talent refers to the Creator, his Characteristics, his virtues and attributes. Talent is a resource or exceptional resources that is been endowed in an individual gradually, and these resources carry in them the Creative Power; that is, with the capacity to create and to appeal to what is […]