There Is No Discipline Without Clear Objective


« It is important not to tolerate functioning for any lenght of time, without being certain that our deployment bring us closer to the goal. »

If we work for a long time without worrying about knowing if we are moving towards the goal, it shows that we have no clear objective. It means that we operate according to our inner feeling; satisfying every day the inner feeling or emotion is enough for us.

Let’s take an example:

In a company, you have a business leader who has specific goals, and who mobilizes all means for the achievements of the company’s objectives. When the year is over, he does an evaluation to see if he met his objectives. However, if he did not reach them, what prevented him not to realize them? Unless he questions, analyzes, and changes the methods in place, he will not be able to apply changes and so achieve his goals.


This is the functioning of the disciple, THE REAL (TRUE) ONE!

When talking about the TRUE MAN, who is the germ of the Creator, he is in the construction of his identity. Its goal is to develop in its identity’s root. He knows that by developing, according to its root, he enters in the Power. Otherwise, he would be crushed by the cosmic forces, if that were possible. So, he does have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals

The objective of the TRUE MAN is collective

It is important that there must be somewhere the form of the creative consciousness in a mature dimension, through which everything is channeled towards the same objective. The goal here is for everybody to develop as a creative consciousness ; for it is an absolute force if we develop and growth in it. It means that daily movements, activities, and deployment are defined according to this common goal. That is why, it is important to have a clear objective in order to move towards it.


Moreover, the clear goal needs to be diligently reminded during teachings; this will participate in people’s self-evaluation of the evolution in the comprehension ; people will be able to identify whether there are specific and consequent changes or if not being able to say why. Even the great cosmic consciousnesses easily understand this phenomenon. States, companies, families of individuals representing great cosmic consciousnesses have each their objectives ; only individuals, representing an embryonic level of consciousness, primary animal, have no objectives. They are only tasks’ executors.

We are in a context where it is important that things be clarified

Indeed, the world, as you see it as a global system, is not static. It is a developing consciousness, and that’s what makes its power. At the moment of its development, the majority is not aware of the development of the universal consciousness. However, for those who are aware, the essential thing for them is their development. They are mindful of their upgrowth, which adds up to the overall global power. This massive increase of energetic universal vibrations picks up everything on its path ! So, as long as what you are as a comprehension comes from the universal consciousness, even if you are in a cave 20km underground, you remain dependent of the global system, and the vibrations, dictate to all, codes of conduct.

The Solution      

In order to escape and be safe from these vibrations, it is necessary to change the sphere of consciousness. It will be necessary that the comprehension I am, comes from the Creator ; it is only at that moment that the developing process would be engaged. If we are trully the people of God, we remain aware of that. At the end, by being the comprehension of the Creator, we clearly understand how the world function and from this base, evolve in the creator’s sphere of consciousness.