What is the role of cosmic energy?

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INSTRUCTIONS by Luc Bimaye, August 2017 at youth in Cameroon.

Let us start from the image of a bottle and its contents. You have two distinct elements, which are not to be confused : the liquid inside and the bottle. The bottle is the vase. We can remove the contents, to put it in another vase. These two elements are therefore perfectly dissociable. It is only when one has no advanced faculties of discernment that one can confuse the liquid with the vase. Indeed, when someone goes to buy a bottle of water he says : « I’m going to buy water » simply because the most important thing is the content and not the vase. If it turns out that you can not put any more content in a vase, it becomes useless. Generally, it is recycled.

This image allows us to introduce the theme on the structure of the animate beings we see, called human beings.

Let’s analyze the STRUCTURE of the human being.

The biggest difficulty for most of us is the confusion that exists between the vase that is the body, and the content that must be put in there by the Creator: The Man. Why this difficulty?

Because this vase is not exactly like the bottle. In fact, it has properties, functions, more complex characteristics than a simple bottle. This vase that constitutes the body is a « living » organism. He has needs, desires, with an enormous strong feeling force. So, it is certainly by taking into account the existence and expression of these needs and desires, that one can understand that this body is a consciousness, it is an energy ; that is why there is an often confusion between the Man, and the vase that is the body.

It is important to always keep in mind that the Man is what the Creator has to put in inside: His thought. The man is the creative thought, it is the creator’s word, to which will be submitted the vase (the body), to accompany it in its phase of maturation.

What happens before the creator creates the man in the VASE that is the body?

As long as one remains the vase as a living organism, we are the form of the energy that animates all external forms. We are of the same nature. In the Scriptures, the Creator is said to have formed the body from the dust (some translations speak of MAN, but in reality it is the body).

But what is dust? It is energy! This energy that is in the Universe is going to be the tool used to form the body as a living organism, a vase.

However, up to that point it is not yet The Man. The Man is what the Creator will introduce, coming from him, his thought.

And what about the man when he is there?

The man as creative thought at the embryonic level must develop, to take on the faculties that will make him the plural form / the replica / the projection / the Son of the Creator: that is, what emanates from him!

Moreover, when the content that is the Creator’s thought comes to its completion stage, you can throw the vase, because it is only useful for the content.

That body that is cosmic energy, with its desires has a function.


This energy which is the body is of the same nature as everything that has taken form outside in multiple forms. The body, and these external forms with which it comes into contact are interdependent.

For Example :

A car is a form of the thought. Some cars are named after their builders (Mercedes, Citroën…). They are therefore an extension of the builder’s thought. The same should be applicable to houses, children …. And yes, children we procreate are an extension of the thought of who we are. At the end, it is through this mechanism that everything takes form outside.

Desires at the BASIS of all the exterior STRUCTURE.

That is why the whole societal structure is organized around this energy/dust that has taken form and that nations call man ; this is its cornerstone. Since it is a living organism with needs, feelings, lusts, fears, anxieties … that is what is going to activate the external trade. 

Without this central or formal foundation stone, everything collapses outside : No politics, no medicine … no more foreign trade. This will result in the breakdown of the present civilization.

Do not try to change the NATURE of the VASE.

You will not be able. This vase, this body is taken from the Universe. It has a specific function for everyone ; function that we can identify as discernment increases. We are under construction to receive the MAN who will be created in it ; and all the energy of the Universe will participate in this project.

Let’s see in the Scriptures. You have the first born, which is a vase ; and the second which is what comes from above, that the vase must receive to participate in its fulfillment. This vase which is the body, a living organism with needs, has also observable characteristics: rivalries, hatred, jealousy, instability… These are inherent characteristics of this vase which are at the complete opposite of what manifest the MAN. 

This is not what the CREATOR wants to change, He does not even come for that. The only reason of the existence of this body is that it must receive as a vase THE MAN AND PARTICIPATE IN HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT, and he is The NEW MAN at the Creator’s image WHO WILL ENTER IN HIS ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Therefore, we can better appreciate the depth of the scripture that says that the Creator was sitting in Messiah / MAN bringing everything to his service.

Finally, the confusion came from the fact that based on stigma, it was repeatedly said that we were men. However, after looking beyond the forms, we see the same cosmic energy that externally expresses itself in multiple forms.