Looking For The True Happiness


A few hours ago, I was asking my Father: « grant me the privilege of tasting what Happiness is » because I was perceiving in the depths of my being that in Happiness there is no hatred, no hypocrisy, no anguish, no fear ; there is no frustration, and no lust in happiness. So, HAPPINESS has everything to do with the CREATOR ; for when we talk about THE MAN, we talk about what comes from the Creator that either takes shape or expresses itself in a vase with power.

A fundamental recall

In the following image, Under the gentleman’s hat we see the structure of a city / Universe. This image helps to better appreciate of how we are in a world that is essentially Energy. 

This image may well be described as the « thought » of the individual raising the hat. Who says thought, says conscience, says understanding, and energy. Speaking of Comprehension, brings us to the structure of a spiritual universe ; and if that does not refer to the Creator, it automatically represents the one who is called Satan / cosmic consciousness / universal consciousness.


I’ve been meditating for a long time, in regard to what can get us out of lust ; and the answer is The Outlook!

Because, I begin to understand day by day that, as long as the Creator does not give us his outlook – if he does not make it emerge in the vase that we are / or had been in the past – it is impossible for us to come out of envy. But why ?

Simply because without this, our outlook is limited at the level of forms and colors. So, when you see the gentleman who thinks, it brings to the understanding of the structure of the cities in which we immerse and identify ourselves ; and where we want to achieve so much while thinking to find security … We can clearly see that this structure is only Thought, and therefore only energy.

But Which Energy Is In Question?

An energy that does not relate to the Creator. Let us Imagine that instead of a house, we see a snake. Nobody would desire the house. If in place of a car, you see a snake, nobody would envy the car. Moreover, instead of what is often called a « beautiful woman », « handsome man », it is a snake that is presented, no one will long for it. Nobody would lust SATAN !! Whereas when we talk of the snake, we speak of a symbolism that refers to an understanding, a sum of characteristics, which tell us about the personality of Satan: the universal consciousness.

Lust Is Related To The Root Of Our Identity.

We can therefore understand that what makes us desire shapes, colors … Is that we are an understanding, an energy of the same nature as what we desire ; for, no one in a conscious way can envy hatred, jealousy, calumny. The proof is that when the Creator shines His light into the depths of our being, and when we even see what characterizes us, nobody would want to persevere in this identity. 

As a reminder, it is important to mention that this cosmic energy (personality) takes form through everything.

Recalling Biblical Scriptures

Looking at the image, it gives us to refer to Cain who is the form of the Thought of the Universe. He is presented as the first builder of cities. This gentleman raising the hat is therefore comparable to Cain; and concerning the latter it is said that he had a son to whom he gave the name of Hanock, Enoch (initiated). After building the city, he gave the name of the city to his son. So, the structure of cities, consisting of houses, cars, roads… In which humans are immerse, is in fact only the form of a conscience, and an understanding, the one that governs the World.

We Then Lust After An Extension Of Ourselves

The houses, cars, humans … are only an extension of this consciousness ; just as we saw with Cain, he gave the name of the city to his son, his extension, the extension of the consciousness he personifies. What is at the base of the fact that we cannot come to manifest the identity of the Creator but we are locked up in worldly lust? We can now conclude that it is because we are the form of the energy drawn from the Universe.

Is The Happiness That Humans Are Seeking Accessible ? And If So By Who?

In the TRUE or ULTIMATE HAPPINESS, there is no fear, no anxiety, frustration, worry, suffering, no torment … Now all species: plants, animals, and humans… are concerned by these characteristics (anxiety, frustration …). So, as long as we are the form of this consciousness, we can not experience True HAPPINESS in any way. In this world well subdivided in terms of categories of levels of consciousness, there are great consciences, illustrated by the one who raises the hat in the image. They are the thought, the brain of what is built (city and everything in it).

Therefore, these individuals do not depend on the structure of the understanding which has taken form behind the city. However, they depend on the consciousness which governs the Universe ; not on the level of the forms as are those of the lower categories. For them, the concept of happiness does not depend on the elements taken from the Universe. Happiness for them comes from the fact that, as great consciousnesses, they have an ascendancy over all the little consciences and over all the elements coming from the Universe.


Could These Great Consciences Have Access To Happiness?


The fact remains, these individuals are affected by anxiety, fear, frustrations for example. Indeed, if we enter in the identity’s structure of an individual such as the Pope or Western leaders…. we can see that they are also affected by characteristics, and most of their speeches reflect that. Nevertheless, their anxieties and fears are not related to the same elements as for the little consciences that are actually their fabrications.

In short, as both small or great consciousness coming from this Universe, they are not concerned with HAPPINESS ; for we can not pretend to be in HAPPINESS and being  characterized by Fear, Anxiety and Lusts. So, the one who is concerned by HAPPINESS is the TRUE MAN, the One coming from the Creator. The One by which the Creator has authorized the existence of everything and by which He rules everything. All the events facing the TRUE MAN only serve to reinforce the identity of the Creator in him.



Exhortation of Franck Carlin Mansong, during the teaching of 16 September 2017